Year 2. New Beginnings.

Welcome to Year 2 at Hovingham Primary School. 2010 - 2011.

This is now the 3rd year that I have planned the Curriculum for Year 2 - with SEAL ( Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning) at it's heart. What makes this year extra special is that -this year every year group at Hovingham is going to take on this approach.

Everyone in school is now very familiar with the new school rules, and our school slogan from last year - "We can make a difference." We will all carry on endevouring to follow our rules and aiming to make a positive difference for ourselves, our families, our school and our community.

New Beginnings this year is going to focus on the theme of 'Reach for the stars!' We are going to learn the song and a Wake up Shake up dance for the song, everyone will design their own stars to become part of a galaxy of stars in our entrance display. We are going to enjoy the 'Starfish Story.'

Here is the new planner poster for our exciting Learning Journey for Autumn 1, 2010.

Autumn planner

We start the year with a fantastic project all about the Rainbow Fish, and we will be going to 'The Deep' in Hull for a special trip. The first Rainbow Fish teaches us the importance of sharing, and this year we are going to work in teams so that we can all work together. We will be really thinking about the saying -'Together Everyone Achieves More!'

Everyone new to Year 2, will get their Mathletics passwords, and I know that you will all really enjoy being able to play this online. Last year the children managed to get 25 Bronze certificates and 4 children achieved their 2nd Bronze Certificates - so it will be a real challenge to beat this! In maths we are also going to have a focus on 'Thinking Mathematically' - we will learn how to play games like Sudoku, and Connect 4 - to help us think strategically. We will also be doing lots of maths talking and problem solving, as well as making lots of maths posters - follow this site and our blog to see what we have been learning.

'TogetherEveryone Achieves More!' - family and friends are always welcome to come and join us on our Learning Adventure - especially during our Creative afternoons, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We will also be arranging some regular trips to the new Compton Road Library, and families will be encouraged to come too. Finally - there will be Mathletics After School Clubs every day - and parent support will be much appreciated at this.

Pictures from the Deep!

We all had a fantastic trip to The Deep in Hull and we have been busy writing about the things we most enjoyed seeing - you can see out 'Top Tips of things to see at The Deep' on our blog! We also worked in teams to create some amazing collages which are now displayed down the hallway - where we are trying to recreate the awesome feeling of the tunnel in The Deep.

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We also made salt dough and made models of some of the creatures we saw, and soon we will make some very special biscuits in lots of fishy shapes!

In maths we looked at the story, "The Great Pet Sale," by Mik Inkpen, and then our own fishy version - "The Great Deep Sale," so we solved lots of problems based on pretending to buy our favourite sea creatures!

Smartnote book of 'The Great Deep Sale.'

Here they are!..... our fantastic Salt dough models. All you need is a cup of salt, 2 cups of flour and a cup of water - mix it together into a dough and model it! We let the models air dry for a couple of days and then put them in the oven on a low heat for a couple of hours. Finally we painted them and then covered them in PVA glue and decorated them with sequins.

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Welcome to Year 2 at Hovingham Primary School. 2009 -2010.

It's going to be another really exciting year at Hovingham Primary, and for the second year now in Year 2 we will be putting SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) at the heart of all we are learning.
This means that in the first half of term we will be thinking about 'New Beginnings.'
Last year we all learned our new five school rules:
  • Keep everyone safe.
  • Consider and Respect everyone.
  • Be the Best you can be.
  • Be proud of your team.
  • Aim High.
We will also have a new school motto - 'We can make a difference.'
This poster will be displayed around school to remind us of the rules and the motto.
  school logo 09-10
In the first half of term we will think about what these rules really mean and how we can make sure that we are really following them.
2 Red has moved classroom and we have bought special new carpets with a pattern of big, bright coloured squares. Everyone will have their own special learning space on the carpet! 2 Yellow will be in Mrs Fisher's old classroom and we know that it will also be full of vibrant and exciting displays of all that you are learning.
Here is the BIG PICTURE for the 1st half of this Autumn Term.
2009-10 Autumn Planner
  So many exciting things to do and learn! Don't forget too that your family can come and join you too! Especially in the afternoons when we have lots of fun creative sessions.


We have started to learn how to work as a team. In our Creative Sessions we sometimes work in our Rainbow teams - different children get to be the team leaders and everyone works hard to help each other. We try to be polite and remember to share and say 'please' and 'thank-you.' We are trying to work quietly but we still are working on that!
In these new special groups we created Rainbow collages which we have put up in the window. Everytime we look at them they remind us of our school rules and the new motto -" We can make a difference."

Eid celebrations.

Before Eid we all learned how to make 'pop up' cards, and every one made a very special Eid card. Many of the children were celebrating Eid, but some of us were not, but we enjoy joining in with each others festivals so we all made the cards together. After Eid we had a very special day and flew with Hovingham Airlines to Islamabad in Pakistan! While we were there we made flags, sent postcards to school and even learned how to do some wonderful Bollywood dancing! After lunch we all enjoyed a special Eid party.... and by the end of the day we were all ready to return home.

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Making robots.

We have all been working very hard in teams to create robots, and now they are nearly finished! We will be writing some instructions so you will be able to make similar robots in other classes and at home. This week we also learned all about forces as we wanted to make the robots move. We have added wheels to the robots and now some robots move with a push and some are pulled. We know too that they will move more easily on the lino surface as it is smoother than the carpet.
Next week we are going to learn how to make an electrical circuit and also record a sound and then we will be able to make our robots light up and make a noise! We all feel really proud of our robot creations and are looking forward to them being the main characters in some stories we are going to write!

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mathleticsThis term Hovingham has signed up to Mathletics for all the children from Year 2 to Year 6.
Year 2 were really lucky because Mathletics actually came to give the children a demonstartion lesson on how to play Mathletics. We are also extra lucky in Year 2 as we have some Fizz Books, which are like small laptops which we were able to purchase with a grant from the Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning, so the children can use these to play Mathletics at Target Time and at other times too. On a Thursday Lunchtime, Year 2 has started a Mathletics club in the ICT suite.
This week in Year 2 we have achieved 17 Bronze Certificates! Absolutely fantastic!
If you want to know more about 'Mathletics' click on the logo for a link to the site. In the bottom bar you will find a link to a whole range of useful guides.

Welcome to Year 2 at Hovingham Primary School. 2008-09

This is the beginning of another very exciting year.  Mrs Fisher has changed what we are going to do this Year, and has created a new and exciting plan.
Here is the plan for the first half of the Autumn term.
Autumn 1 planner.
New School Rules
On the New Plan for this term, you can see that we have new school rules.
  • Keep everyone safe.
  • Consider and respect everyone.
  • Be the best you can be!
  • Be proud of our team.
  • Aim high!
  We have made some rainbow collages and then added the school rules and a picture of the children making the collages. These super pictures are displayed in our class windows, so that we can remember the rules at all times.

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We have been enjoying Numeracy and now that we have a new dividing wall between our class and 2 Yellow, we have been able to start a new super sized Numeracy Working Wall! We have been making lots of posters about our learning, and have taken photographs of some of our work.
Look at our super work on more than and less than, addition and place value.
Year 2 and Year 3 went to see WALL.E at the Cottage Road Cinema in Headingley. The cinema kindly put on a private viewing for us all. We looked at maps and satellite pictures of the route we would travel from Harehills to Headingley. The cinema kindly sent us details about the history of the cinema and we learnt that the cinema had been open since 1912! We compared pictures of families and school children in 1912 with how we dress today!
We all really enjoyed WALL.E and the film has made us think about what might happen to earth if we don't all take care of the world.
We have started to build our robots and soon we will be giving them names and they will become characters in our own robot stories! Here are pictures of our robots beginning to take shape.
  Continued Robot building.
After we had made the shape of the robot we covered the boxes in paper and started to paint our robots. When the paint was dry we added decorations and the robots name plate. Mrs Fisher had been to a scrap recycling centre and we were able to stick on lots of electronic parts to the robots.
Now our robots are really beginning to look super!
Next we looked at how to make an electric circuit and learned how to make a bulb light up with wires and a battery, connected to make a circuit. we were able to use this knowledge to make the eyes of our robot light up!
Look at our robots now!

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Robot Stories and Instructions for making Robots.
In Literacy we have used our robots as characters in our own stories.
We made a class story mountain planner and then we all changed some of the details to create our own versions of the class story. We pretended that the robots were Headteachers! When the children in the class were not following the school rules, the robots had their own ways of getting the children to behave!
We also wrote instructions on how to make the robots. We used 2Publish+ to print up our stories and instructions and draw pictures of the robots.
Trip to the National Media Museum and learning about Photography.
We have been following instructions and have learned how to take photographs. We have new Kodak digital cameras in class and went to The National Media Museum to find about the history of Kodak and the life of George Eastman.
We took the cameras with us and took lots of photographs in the museum and went to see the Imax film, "Fly me to the moon."
Having learned how to take a photograph we are now downloading and working on our pictures in 2simple photo.

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