Year 2. Going for Goals

Going for Goals!

2011 now!

Another exciting start to the year, and our theme for the first half of term is 'Going for Goals!'

Instead of me putting the picture planner together, I have created sheets with clip art that shows what we will be doing in Literacy, Numeracy and Knowledge and understanding of the World - in pairs we will work together to create our own picture of the learning journey, and then everyone will get a copy of their poster to take home - so that we all know what an exciting half term it will be!

Here are the pictures!

Going for goals plan1

Going for goals plan2Going for goals plan3

In Literacy we will learning about explanations and we will be exploring some great books about a cat called Oscar who asks lots of questions, and his friends have to explain all kinds of things to him! We will also do lots of science as we discover explanations about the life cycle of frogs and butterflies, how plants grow, how to make and electric circuit and about fantastic forces! After that we are going to do some work on Family Trees, everyone will make their own family tree and a very special collage - and then we will explain who everyone is and why they are special to us... finally our work will go on show for our families to come and enjoy seeing.

In Maths we will be continuing our trips to Morrisons and finding out about the maths in the world around us. We will learn how to measure length, mass and capacity and how to tell the time. There will be a special Mathletics Celebration and some of us will get our first Gold Certificates! - and we will be busy preparing for World Maths day, which is just after half term! We will continue to explore the maths in some fiction books, and we might even get to meet the author of the Marvellous Maths books! Kjartan Poskitt!

Along our learning adventure we will also be finding out about Martin Luther King, as January 15th is his birthday and is now as Martin Luther King day in America. We will also celebrate Chinese New Year, with a pretend trip to China and the chance to find out facts about China and have a go at eating with chop sticks! We are also going to learn how to play the ukulele, and we will put a group together to sing and play the Ukulele and then perform for parents, in school assembly or for the people who live in the old people's home!

Remember that adults from your family are very welcome to come and join us on our learning adventure too! We will all be the best that we can be, as we aim high and go for our goals!

Catching our big dreams!

Everyone worked hard making team dream catchers, and then we all knew how to make them we made our own individual dream catchers. They all hang up in the classroom and remind us that we are all aiming high and striving to achieve our goals.

The whole class then worked together to create an enormous dream catcher! It should catch even the biggest of dreams! Together the children also learned about Martin Luther King and they all drew round their hands and wrote messages to help keep us going for our goals on them. These go all the way round the dream catcher, and help us to remember how Martin Luther King wanted all the children to walk hand in hand together.

Everyone in the school wrote their dreams on a thought bubble, and these are hung underneath the special dream catcher and they look amazing as you walk into the school, and help remind us all to go for our dreams.

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Inspirational writing.

I was given this lovely inspirational quote from the Quran, and thought it would be a great starting point for us to use to inspire our own inspirational writing. We are going to write the poem based on the things that we can see in our class room and which can remind us about going for our goals. Here is the original quote, or writing frame, and images of the classroom. The children will post their writing on our blog.


Going for Goals!

2010 is here! A new decade!
This next half of term we will be working on the SEAL theme - "Going for Goals!"
The New Year is always a good time to set yourself 'GOALS' and targets.... but then you need to plan the steps to help you succeed in your GOAL!
We are all going to help each other reach our targets, we will make sure that we encourage each other and remember to celebrate each step we make towards our GOAL!
One of Mrs Fisher's GOALs is to help everyone at Hovingham enjoy Maths and become better at it too!
So I am setting a challenge, for all the children from Year 2 to Year 6......
March 3rd, is World Maths Day.... it is only just after Half Term.
Our Goal is to achieve 10 Gold Certificates and 100 Certificates in a week by then, and we will hold a very special Together Time to present the Gold certificates!
I know that if we all do our best we can achieve this GOAL!
Here is our Long Term planner for this half term.
It is similar to the planner we had for this term last year, but I have added the logo for World Maths Day into our School 'We can make a difference' picture, as remembering to follow our school rules will really help us to achieve our GOALS! 
This year for 'Going for Goals' everyone will put their 'Goals' onto a cutout of a football, and we will make a big display with everyones 'GOALS' in the entrance hall.
going for goals 2010

Going for Goals display.
Every child in school wrote their 'goals' on a football shape cut out and then decorated it. We have strung them all up together and they have created a wonderful display in the school entrance hall which will remind us all to keep 'going for our goals.' Behind the footballs there is a new banner with the school logo picture which reminds us of the 5 school rules and that 'we can make a difference.'
goals 2

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Dream catchers.
In teams we have made Dream Catchers together. We enjoyed doing it so much that everyone then wanted to have a go at making their own dream catchers - so now we have both large dream catchers and smaller individual dream catchers all hung up in the class room to keep us going for our goals. We have all talked together about what our dreams and goals are and we are working hard to try and help each one of us to achieve our very best. We want to do lots of different and exciting jobs when we grow up and we would all like to make our families proud of us. 

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Going for Goals!

2009 is here!
This half of term all our learning will be centred around the SEAL theme -
"Going for Goals."
We will all be thinking about our goals, what we would like to achieve and how we would feel when we achieved our goals. We will be setting targets to help us reach those goals, and then thinking about the tasks we need to do to achieve our targets. We will encourage and help each other, and we will have fun together on our exciting learning journeys..
Here is the Long Term planning sheet for this half of term.
Spring term planner
Telling the Time
We made analogue and digital clocks to help us learn to tell the time. We had counted in 5's round the clock face, and we had a strip of numbers up to 60 to use for the digital clock's minutes - but we remembered that on the hour the digital clock said :00 , so we all had to change the 60 to 00!
We all learned to tell the time for o'clock, half past and some of us also worked on quarter past and quarter to.

Dream Catchers.

We have all talked about what we would like to be when we grow up. We have looked at the lives of people like Lewis Hamilton and Alexandra Burke and we have been impressed by how they set goals for themselves when they were only our age. We know that they have worked really hard to achieve their goals and that their family and friends have supported them and encouraged them all the way. We talked about how Alexandra Burke must have felt when she got sent home from Boot Camp on the X Factor three years ago, but that she never gave up and kept on trying, so that in the end she achieved her dream.
We have put our goals on to leaves that are going to go on the Hovingham Wishing Tree. Now we are all working hard to achieve our targets, because these will help us on our way to reaching our goals.
Together we worked in teams to make these wonderful Dream Catchers, which will hang in our classroom and remind us all to keep being the best we can be, and help each other, so that we can make our dreams come true.

Planting seeds.

We have been reading some fantastic books about a cat called Oscar, who meets lots of different animals. He asks them lots of questions about the world around him, and the animals answer his questions and explain things to him. We have our own Oscar in class, and now his sister, Kitty, has come to join him. She brought her gardening things with her, so when we had read "Oscar and the Frog", a book about growing, we planted cress and lettuce  seeds. We planted the cress in our empty milk cartons on kitchen paper and then we planted the lettuce seeds in plant pots in soil. We wrote some explanations about what was in the boxes and glued them round the cress box before we took them home. The cress grew quickly and we could take it home at the end of the week, but the lettuce will take longer to grow. We have lots of other packets of seeds and we will be planting more things when the weather gets a bit warmer.

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