Maths at Hovingham


We started 'playing' Mathletics at Hovingham Primary in 2009, in Years 2-6.. so now we gave nearly finished our 2nd academic year of using it.

We have lunchtime and after school clubs everyday - to ensure that even if you don't have Internet access at home - you still get an opportunity to get on it and 'play.' Every half term we have a big Mathletics Celebration - and families are invited to come and celebrate with their children who have achieved their Gold Awards. I try to invite special guests to come and join us - and we have been supported by Inspector Adams, our chair of Governors, and Chris Edwards, the retired Chief of Education Leeds, Mathletics have sent staff to ever celebration - and we have even been joined by Lucas the Kop Cat from Leeds United and Danny Buderus from Leeds United. Together we all sing, and clap to show how proud we are of everyones achievements. Currently we have 5 pupils who have their 4th Gold Awards, and this year over 6600 certificates have been achieved!

We have plans next year to let some of the Year 6 pupils, who are leaving to go on to high school, become Family mentors - and they will be able to come an After School Club and work alongside a younger sibbling, cousin or friend. We also plan to start Mathletics breakfast clubs on some mornings!

We are seeing the impact that Matheletics has on the childrens progress and achievement now, and the more they play - the greater the impact is. Our pupils who play regularly - are more confident, have a better recall of key Maths facts - such as their bonds and times tables, and they enjoy Maths! Well done everyone - keep being a super Mathlete!

Using Numicon

We have been using the Numicon pegs, Numicon plates and Numicon rods to help us do addition. We know that we could use a range of things to help us, such as bead strings, 100 squares, counting objects, using our fingers. and numberlines.
We know that when we use these resources it helps us to get the answer right, but we can also do a subtraction to check our answer.
 This Smartnote book has some pages that we looked at before we worked with the Numicon.

Pictures from Harewood car show.

Harewood car show has given me lots of super car shots!
Look for the number on the number plates - 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers.
Look for the symmetry in car designs.
Look for the multiples of 10 on the speedometers.
Tim's photographs are superb photographs - but theres still lots of maths! How many wheels in the row of cars, or on the stunt motorbikes?
Enjoy! Enjoy maths!
Number plates -
Tim's super car show photographs.

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Maths Action Zone.

We're really enjoying using our new Maths Action Zone... here are a few pictures of our new Maths Action Zone.
Maths Action Zone is all about making maths fun!
It's about looking at where we use maths in the world and using our maths skills to solve problems.
 Maths Action Forty 4
This is the sign for a restaurant in Leeds.
Can you design a sign for a cafe... choosing your own number?
Maths Action Sphere
What shapes can you see in this picture?
Maths Action Bus Station.
Here we are at the bus station. Check the digital and analogue clocks.
Which is the next bus to leave?
How long would you have to wait for it?
Maths Action coke machine
What coins could you put into the machine to pay for 1 can of coke?
How much would you need to put in to pay for 2 cans?
Can you think of some other maths questions to go with these pictures?
More pictures to come soon....

Here are some more pictures...
When you look around you, there are so many examples of where you can see maths in action. A visit to the fairground, the market, or a walk in town... just look at all the maths you can see.


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