Year 2 at Hovingham 2007-8.

Together Everyone Achieves More..... building with Spaghetti and Marshmallows!

In our Rainbow Teams were given a bag of marshmallows and a packet of spaghetti..... Some children tried to make their own model, others worked with their team members. We managed to make some great models, but we learnt that we had to keep trying.... most of us build a structure that then collapsed! But we didn't give up, with encouragement fromour team, and maybe a little help from an adult we kept on trying..... and we all succeeded. We all felt proud of our models, but we also agreed that if we had another go, we would do even better.


Class Card.

We have started to make things for the School Enterprise Show. Everybody drew a picture of themselves and I scanned them into Photoshop and made them into a class card.
 2 Red

Roundhay Park.

 We used 2 Publish+  to write about our trip to Tropical World and Roundhay Park. We all had a super day out and lots of Mums came with us. The weather stayed fine and we enjoyed our picnic and playing in the park. In Tropical World we loved all the butterflies, fish, and especially the meer cats!

Monet Collages.

We worked in teams of 5 to create these Monet collages.

Monet paintings.

We looked at more pictures by Monet and thought about how the Impressionists were able to paint pictures without any detail, and yet with all the shades of colour, it is possible to tell when a dab of paint represents a flower. We painted our pictures using sponges and cotton wool buds.
Enjoy our painting of magic gardens, all painted in the style of the impressionists. We worked with a friend to create our masterpieces!

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Monet computer pictures.

We looked at how you can colour mix in Revelation Art, and used this to help us paint gardens, using different shades to try and make them look like Monet might have done, if he had been using a computer art program!


We have been looking at the work of Monet and seeing how he painted his garden. We saw how he painted in the "Impressionist" style, so we can see that there are flowers in his garden, but he hasn't drawn all the details of the flower. We noticed that there are lots of shades of colour in his pictures. We used oil pastels to make our pictures and tried to blend them to create lots of shades. We created our pictures with our friends, some of us worked as a pair, some in threes and some of us decided to do our own.

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Magic Gardens.

We are looking at the story, "Toms Midnight Story" and the Magic Key adventure, "In the garden." Now we are starting to plan our own magic garden stories and we have made our own miniature gardens to help us think about the setting. Our magic gardens have ponds with frogspawn and fish, colourful pathways, amazing trees and beautiful flowerbeds full of roses.
I wonder what adventures will take place in these gardens?

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Frog pictures.

In Science we have been learning about life cycles. This week we looked at the life cycle of a frog, and learned that a frog lays eggs which look like jelly with little black dots in the middle and float in ponds. We know this is called frog spawn, and that tadpoles eventually come out of the frogspawn. We saw how the tadpoles change in shape, starting with just tails and then growing legs. The tadpoles turn into froglets and then grow into frogs, and then the cycle starts again. In Art we made these lovely pond pictures which show all the stages of a frogs life cycle. We worked with our friends in small groups to create the pictures. Can you see all the stages of the life cycle in our pond collages?

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We have been learning to write riddles. First we made word webs to help us get all our ideas together. Then we remembered to start the riddle with a question. We tried to write super sentences, using adjectives and connectives for each clue. Each sentence started on a new line, and we tried to use different sentence starters to make our riddle more interesting. At the end of the clues, we repeated the question, and then gave the answer!
Enjoy these riddles which we wrote and then used Word to publish them.

Who am I?

I’m careful and cheerful and I have a big smile.

When you fall down I will be there for you.

Please come and play with me.

 If you are lonely come and share with me because I am kind.

Who am I?

I’m your friend!



Who am I ?

I will share with you and be kind to you, because I care for you.

If you fall down I will be there for you.

I’ll smile at you when you smile at me.

If you are upset and have no one to play with you can come and join me and my mates.

Who am I?

I’m your friend!



Who am I?

I am gentle and kind.

When you are lonely I will be your nice, super friend.

“Please can you play with me” is what I say.

When you fall down I will be there for you.

I will care about you because I play kindly and carefully.

Who am I?

I’m your friend!


By Aliah.


Who am I? 

I will share my toys with you.

If you fall down I will be there for you

Let’s smile and laugh together…!

Who am I?

I’m your Friend.



Who am I?

I am gentle,  kind  happy and nice.

“ Please come and play with me” is what I say.

I will make you laugh and smile because  also I tell jokes.

I’m kind because I share .

I am gentle because I play nice and I always am feir.

 Who am I? 

 I am your friend!


Who am I ?

I am kind to you because I am nice.

I want to be helpful because I am lovely.

When you fall over I can always help you and I will always be there for you.

I am gentle so I can tell you lots of nice stuff .
When your lownliy I will say “ do you want to play with me”.

Who am I ?

I’m your friend !
Who am I?

When no one shares with you I with share with you.

I will play when you.                                                   
When people are hurt I will be kind to them.

Who am I?

I’m your friend!

 By Idris                  


Who am I?

I will help every one in the whole wild word.

I am gentle and I wont hurt you.

When you fall down I will be there for you.

Come and play with me when you are lonely. Who am I?

I’m your friend!


From IQRA 

Who am I?

If you fall down I won’t just stand there I will help you.

When you are hurt I will always be there for you.   

Always remember I will look after everybody.

Who am I?

Your friend!

By Junaid. 

Who am I?

I will be kind to you and say nice words to you.

I am gentle and I will play carefully with you.

I will play with others and be helpful.

Who am I?

I’m your friend!

By Natasha.

Who am I ?

I’m kind and nice because I want to be your mate.

I will share my things with you and be   there for you.

I will help you. 

Who am I?

I’m your friend.




Who am I ?

I’m bright ,blue and I have two bandages and I’m happy .

I always bang and trip  into things then I have to go to hospital.

Who am I?

I am Mr Bump.


By Jasleen


 Our Mr Men and Little Miss Characters.

We all designed our own new characters. First we made a design in paper, and then we cut and sewed it in felt. We turned the body inside out and stuffed if with cotton wool and sewed up the hole. Next we added the face, some of us added beards, hats and hair. Some of us even gave our characters high heels, hand bags, or umbrellas! They look fantastic!

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Mr Men settings.

We have all been busy writing stories about our new Mr Men or Little Miss characters. We looked at the illustrations in the books by Roger Hargreaves and decided that our settings would be best illustrated in felt tips to give similar vivid colours and stylish drawings to those that we have seen in the Mr Men and Little Miss series.

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Mr Men.

We are reading lots and lots of Mr Men books and Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves. We know that sadly Roger Hargreaves died in 1988 and that now the books are written by his son, Adam Hargreaves, but that he uses his fathers name still. We have learnt that Roger Hargreaves lived in Cleckheaton, which is in Yorkshire, not that far away from Leeds. We are all keeping a Reading Log of all the books we have read and some of us have already read about 5 of them so far. The books are really enjoyable because they make us laugh and most of them have an important lesson for us to learn. We are making our own new Mr Men or Little Miss characters out of felt and we are going to use these characters in our own stories soon. We used Revelation Natural Art to draw pictures of our new characters.

Mr Men in Numeracy!

In Numeracy we have been learning about data handling, and we wanted to solve 2 problems. We wanted to find out if most of the Mr Men had hats, and if most of them wore shoes. We decided that we needed to make a table to help us sort out the Mr Men, and then we could find out the answer to the problems. Look at the tables the Terrific Team and the Fantastic Friends made. Can you answer the problems using these tables?

More from the Magical mouse stories.

Suhana and The magic mouse

The little mouse did  not   listen  to Mrs  Spence.   He  climbed  on top of  the whiteboard and then   began to swing on the silver, shiny number line. Suddenly he jumped on Shoaibs head All the children screamed because he jumped on  everyone. The children  told  him to be good and he said “ I will listen.”

Jasleen and the magical mouse

One cold snowy morning a naughty girl called Aleena was going to a nice new school and hid in the dark and scary cupboard and was breaking all the class rules. She was jumping on the children and she was breaking everything. One day Mrs Spence came and she wanted to meet the naughty girl. She looked under the long tables and she was eating Miss Kausers lunch. Mrs Spence was shocked. She took her magical wand and turned her into a small, hairy, brown mouse. She went into Mrs Fisher bag, when they got home she started to make a mess of the house. But Mrs Fisher did not know that the naughty mouse was in her house.  The next morning Mrs Fisher woke up and she went downstairs and saw the awful mess, she found the mouse crying because she wanted to go back into a girl. Mrs Fisher told her if she wanted to be a girl again she had to be a good girl.

Junaid and the magic mouse.


The little mouse did not listen to Mrs Spence. He climbed on top of the whiteboard and then began to swing on the silver shiny numberline. Suddenly he jumped on Shoaib’s head . “ Aagh,” shouted Shoaib.

All the children screamed because he jumped on everyone. The children told him to listenand to be kind and then he remembered what Mrs Spence  said.

Mrs Spence would turn him into a boy again.  Shoaib said “l’m not going to be mean anymore. “

Mrs Spence waved her wand and did a spell on him and he said “WoW!  I’m back into a boy again. “

He was good forever and ever and he lived happily ever after.
 Amaar and the magical mouse

It was a cold, windy, stormy Monday afternoon Amaar was not following the classroom rules. He was taking all Miss Fishers pencils, beads and pulling down the maths display. Then he threw the books out of the window in to the playground.

As Amaar was naughty Mrs Rehal came and put a nasty spell on him. She turned him into a dirty grey and white mouse, but the magical mouse didn’t care so he ran out onto the field. When suddenly a big fat ginger cat chased him back into the classroom. Just then the mouse thought that he needed to listen to Miss Fisher and stop breaking the classroom rules. So he sat quietly and did is told and Mrs Rehal turned the magical mouse back into Amaar.  From that day on would Amaar was the best he could be and never got into trouble again.

Asim and the magic mouse.

Once upon a time a tall boy called Idris came to school. He was very naughty and pulling peoples hair. Then the scary witch turned him into a furry mouse and then he ran onto the wall and jumped onto the teacher’s head. Then he went to the Headteacher and he was told off so he hid in the spooky cupboard and nibbled Miss Browns cheese sandwich and left crumbs on the floor. Then he ran out quickly and made all the children scream loudly because he jumped onto the teachers hand.

Magical mouse stories.

We have used the idea of the story "Beauty and the Beast" and we are writing our own stories about a magical mouse. We have been trying to use adjectives, adverbs and connectives to make our sentences really interesting. In ICT we have been using Microsoft word to publish our work. Here is the beginning of some of our stories.

Atia and the magical mouse.


Once upon a time a tall child who was new in class she was skreeming .The tall ticher called Mrs Fisher told him to stay in side then he ran out side opend  the school gate and ran into the road. Then a which came and tarnd the child into a hairy mouse. The mouse was skreeming and jumpd on people and and it cept tickling people and he cept jumping a lot and a lot.

Quddus and the magical mouse.


One windy day a new tall mean boy called Asim joined my school .He was very naughty and very cheeky and he was

jumping on the chair and writing on the table. The teacher was angry, mad and shocked at Asim behavuer.


Sabrina and the magical mouse.


One   sunny Tuesday there  was  a  tall  smiley   girl  named   Sabrina  and she  was  a  naughty  girl  she  was  interrupting   because  she  wanted  somebody  to  stop  learning.


Junaid  and  The magic mouse

One snowy Monday morning a new happy boy came to 2 Red and he was being very

naughty. He hid in the scary cupboard and then

Mrs Spence came.


Qudsiya and the magical mouse


It was a cold, windy, stormy Monday afternoon Qudsiya was not following class room  rules,  she was taking all Miss Fisher  pencils, beads and pulled the maths display   down.

Asim and the magical mouse.


One  hot day a new, tall, mean boy called   Quddus joined my school. He was jumping  on  the   chairs   and   he was  also  writing on  the  tables. He was naughty, silly and chatty and stopped other

children from learning. The teacher was

angry and cross.   



We have really enjoyed making beasts out of clay. In science we have been working on changing materials, so we have been interested to see that the clay was soft when we made our Beasts, but that now it is hard.
Today we have painted our Beasts and now they look really scary!

Beauty and the Beast.

We all went to the West Yorkshire Playhouse to see "Beauty and the Beast." Lots of parents and family came with us and everyone really enjoyed the show.
We have been doing some writing and making sure that we think and talk before we write. We have been writing super sentences, by making a word web first, so we have plenty of ideas to help us. Our sentences are super sentences because we have tried to use lots of adjectives and connectives to join two ideas together. We have also been learning about speech marks and using Word to print our work out on the computer.
Enjoy our work... how hot are our sentences?

Learning our 2x, 5x and 10x tables.

We have been working very hard learning our 2x, 5x, and 10x table. We have been singing fun songs, using bead strings, number squares, numicon, waving our hands and eating kit kat biscuits! Look at the super posters and displays we have made to help us remember our tables.


This week we have all enjoyed finding out what Sudoku is. We learnt how to play the game and them made word webs with lots of ideas to help us write an explanation of Sudoku. We tried to make super sentences using connectives, like and or because. We also tried to make our writing interesting by using adjectives. Have a look at some of our super sentences.

Anti bullying / Friendship posters.

We worked together in our rainbow groups, and with the help our some of our mums too, we made these super posters to remind us to be friends with everyone. These super posters are now up on display and we are trying to remember the importance of being kind to everyone.

Anti bullying / Friendship Week.

We used our computer skills to create posters on Revelation  Natural Art. We have now learnt how to use a background from the clip art, change the font style and size and also flip the images used from the clip art. We are going to hang our posters up in the class room as we want to remember that friendships are important always ... not just in Anti Bullying week and we will continue to try and be friends with everyone.

How to make someone happy at school.

Anti Bullying week starts on November 19th, we have decided to focus on friendship, as we feel that if we could all be kind and friendly to each other then we would have less bullying too. We used our skills at writing instructions to think about how we could help others be happy at school.

Children in Need.

This week we have been thinking alot about "Children in Need." We made Pudsey bear lemon biscuits and enjoyed them on friday at our Teddy Bears picnic! We threaded very special 100 bead strings with a bear on it to help us in numeracy. In ICT we used Revelation Natural Art to make posters with bears in them! We have been collecting money for "Children in Need" too.

Steps to success for Instruction writing.

1. We need to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in sentences.
2. We need to make our writing neat so that others can read our instructions.
3. We need to try and spell words correctly - we sound out words to help us.
4. We need to make sure the title tell you what the instructions are about.
5. We need to list anything you need first.For the list we don't need numbers or full sentences. We put each thing on a new line.
6. We need to put instructions in the correct order. Number them and start each instruction on a new line.
7. We need to try and use "time connectives", like first, next and then.
8. We need to try and use some "Wow" words to make our writing interesting and exciting.
9. We must read it through and check it carefully.
Look at these instructions....
The steps to success have been used! Well done!

Instructions by Idris


In Literacy we have been learning all about instructions. We have been saying, following, reading and writing instructions. We have learnt how to play marbles, written instructions for Marbles and Pass the Parcel, and followed instructions to help us make divas for Divali and also Snakes and Ladders boards for us to play with. We worked as teams to create the boards and then in Happy Hour we played the game with our friends. Some of us were not too sure about the rules, so we will have to write the instructions for playing the game and then we can also lend the boards with the instructions to our friends in Year 1.

Sunflower display.

When you enter Hovingham Primary School now, on a chilly Autumn day, you will immediately feel warmer when you see Year 2's fantastic display of our sunflower work in the entrance hall. We have finished our sunflowers models which we made with paper plates, tissue, paint and glue, and have put them together into stunning arrangements. We have put our paintings, computer pictures and sunflower poems together in our display. We have displayed the sunflowers which we made with a message on each petal of a positive action to take to make our class / school / world a better and happier place. We are all very proud of our work.


In the computer suite we learnt how to put text into our pictures on Revelation Natural Art. We decided to make some posters for Firework night to remind us all that we need to keep safe. In circle time we all thought of things we must do on Bonfire night to keep us safe. We talked about how we must stay close to our parents, or the adult who is looking after us and how we must never go near the fire or touch fireworks.


We love sunflowers!

With the class room full of vases of beautiful sunflowers we have enjoyed writing poems about them. We learnt to write poems using a repeated structure, in these peoms we started each line with the same words, and then tried to do a different last line. We had to remember to start a new line for a new sentence in our poems. We know that when we are not writing a poem we start the next sentence straight after the full stop.


More wonderful sunflowers!

We used Revelation Natural Art to paint some beautiful sunflower pictures on our computers. We used the fan brush and lots of different shades of yellow for the petals, and the circular fill tool to make the centre of the sunflower.


Our classroom is full of vases of fabulous sunflowers and today we have all enjoyed drawing, painting and do pastel pictures of them. We are going to put our pictures on display in the school entrance. We think that they will make all our visitors feel cheerful when they enter school. Click on the first image, and we hope you enjoy the slideshow of our art!

Rainbow Poems.

We have been busy this week reading and writing poems. We have enjoyed shaped poems, and have been writing our own rainbow poems on rainbow shapes. We worked together to think of lots of ideas that each colour of the rainbow made us think of, and then we wrote our own poems, finishing off with a wish we would make on a magic rainbow.

Wish upon a Rainbow.

It was International Peace Day on September 21st, and we thought about ways to make our class and school a peaceful place. We did a magic Rainbow Meditation, and made our beautiful rainbow collage pictures. In ICT we used our skills on Revelation Art to make a magic rainbow picture, and drew in the characters we have chosen for our story writing. We hope you enjoy looking at them, and that if you make a wish, it will come true for you.


New Beginnings.

We have made some wonderful pictures to put in our class windows. Each picture has one of our classroom rules in balloons floating across a colourful rainbow. The children took pictures of each other and helped to cut out the balloons on our Cricut Machine. Some of our Mums came in to help us make the pictures. We worked together as teams, and found that "Together everyone achieves more."
We also have made a special tree- on each leaf we all wrote something that we would do to help make our class and school special.


Golden Rules.

In Literacy we have been reading the "Golden Rules " books. We have been listening to stories about Miss Beanie's class and finding out what rules Elsa, Gino, Alfred, Zelda, Louis and Mona need to remember. We are learning the rules too and trying to follow them and be the best we can be.
We have been thinking of a sentence, then saying it, writing it and then reading it and checking that we have remembered a capital letter at the beginning and a fullstop at the end.

Numberbonds for 10.

In Numeracy we have been working very hard learning our numerbonds for 10 and we have been singing a song about a special bus, with 10 seats on it. In the computer suite we looked at the shape tools in Revelation Natural Art and used them to help us make pictures of the bus. We tried very hard to give our buses 10 windows and 10 people.....most of us did it!
Click on a picture in the gallery and it will open it up fully and then you can go through all our other bus pictures.

Welcome to Year 2.

We are all working hard and trying to be the best we can be.
We have started to learn how to create wonderful pictures using Revelation Natural Art. This week we have learnt how to change the tools. Look at the pictures we made using our names.

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