Year 2 at Hovingham 2006-7

End of Term.
It has been a wonderful year for everyone in Year 2. All the children worked really hard and tried to "Be the best that they could be!" We finished the year with a fun "Pink Party", to celebrate Miss Fisher's wedding on the first day of the holidays. The girls made pink hats and the boys pink ties, and then we all had starberry ice cream and played games together!
We all made posters using Revelation Art, using positive mottos, and also drew small posters to create this display to remind us to keep doing our best.
ICT posters
Minibeast models.
We enjoyed making Minibeasts puppets using socks, and making hanging Minibests using yoghurt frink bottles. They helped to make our class room look really cheerful!
Working for our Butterfly Bazaar.
We have started to make lots of exciting things for our Butterfly Bazaar, which will take place next Thursday evening at the Enterprise Show. In ICT we have done some wonderful butterfly designs which we are going to make into cards, using Revelation Natural Art.
Minibeast poems.
We have been doing lots of work about Minibeasts in Science, Literacy and Art. These are some of the poems we have written about the Minibeast puppets that we have made. We have tried to use adjectives to describe the features of the minibeast.
We have been doing lots of work on symmetry and have been making symmetrical patterns with numicon, and also on the computer. We also threaded necklaces with symmetrical bead patterns.
Our Wonderful Environment.
During Environment week we explored the wonders of our school grounds and used our riddle writing skills to write some super riddles about what we see, hear, smell and feel in our school grounds. We tried to use lots of adjectives and compound sentences to make our writing really interesting.
To view our previous work, please link to our blog-
When looking at blogs do not use the "next blog" facility as I have no control over the content beyond our blog. Please also remember that children should be supervised on the Internet and should be taught about Internet Safety. All children in 2Red know that the Internet is like the whole world put into a box, most of it is fabulous, but some of it is not.

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