Year 2. Changes

Changes 2011
Another amazing Learning adventure is planned for this half term. 
As a school the SEAL theme is "Changes,"  and together we are all going to be aiming to 'go the extra mile.'
That means trying to get fitter - so we will be starting a walking challenge - 6 times round the school walking track = 1mile.
We will be trying to improve our logical thinking skills and concentration by taking part in a Suduko challenge.
We will be improving our Time tables and fittness, by doing the skip challenge -
and everyone will be 'being the best they can be' and 'aiming high!'

Children in Year 2 are in for a really exciting last half term - we have 2 trips planned.
The first is to Harewood house and the second to the Yorkshire Sculpture park. We also have a science day planned, when scientists from Shell will be coming in to join us and will be showing us how to make candles!
Here are the calendars to show you some of the things we will be doing! ENJOY and LEARN!
 June 2011
July 2011 

Changes 2010

Summer changes planner 2010

You can see from our exciting planner that it's going to be another fun learning adventure!
In Literacy we will begin by exploring the World Cup and Football and discover the work of the poet in residence at the National Football Museum - Paul Cookson. What's really exciting is that he will be coming to visit us at Hovingham, just before the final of the World Cup! I'm sure we can impress him with our skills at writing poetry about football. We will learn lots of facts about the different countries that are taking part in the World Cup, and we will discover how South Africa has changed as a nation since the years when it was banned from joining in with the World Cup because of Apartheid, to the era now when the World can come together to celebrate each nations love of this great sport.
We will be going to visit Elland Road, the home of Leeds United. We shall be looking with interest for memorabilia from the days when Lucas Radabe came from South Africa and played for Leeds Utd. We will learn how Leeds as a football team has never given up and continues to strive to work it's way back up to the top of football leagues... we will enjoy the Leeds United song.... 'Marching on together!'
As well as going to Elland Road, we will be going to visit Harewood House. Here we will be discovering some giant 'bugs' from around the world, and we will also get to see penguins and peacocks. Penguins and Peacocks are the characters in the story that we will all learn in our Together Time about changes - it will help to inspire us to make changes to help Hovingham become our own 'land of opportunity.'
The theme of penguins will even inspire our Maths as we read the story '365 penguins'. There will be lots of problems to solve as we have to work out how best to store and feed them all! From penguins we move on to players.... with Maths based on the World Cup!
Finally we will all be practising our tables in a variety of different ways, singing, rapping, dancing and skipping. We will be trying to make sure that some of us from Year 2 get through to the final of Hovingham's X factor! A talent show with a difference - because it really will be X factor, as every act will have to show maths skills as well as performing skills! When the show takes place, we are also hoping for an extra special Mathletics Celebration with possibly some of Year 2 getting their 2nd Gold Certificates!

Factor Bugs.
We have been having lots of fun learning about FACTORS! Factors are numbers that we can divide into another number - and there are no remainders! Learning our tables is helping us to know about factors - if we know 5 x 4 = 20, then we know that 4 and 5 are factors of 20!
We have been playing a fun game called 'Factor Bugs!' These are pretend bugs, that grow antennae for the first factors we think of, 1 and the number itself, and then legs for each of the other pairs of factors! But if the number is a square number, (you can multiply a number by itself, or draw a square array, like 3x3 =9, 4x4 =16) then the bug gets a tail - as you can't have 2 legs with the same number!
We have been drawing bugs, but now we have even made some! Have a good look at them and see if we have got them right! Then see what other numbers would look the same as these bugs! Do all the odd numbers only have antennae? Do bigger number bugs have more legs?

'Changes' is our theme for this last half of the Summer term.
Here is our Long term planner for the theme.
  Summer 2 planner

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