Year 2.Relationships.

Relationships 2011
This year we return to school for the Summer Term, and we haven't actually had Easter yet!
We have three weeks of banks holidays, with Easter, the Royal Wedding and then May Bank Holiday, so instead of doing a planner for this half term, I have made a calendar - so we can see when we are at school, and when we are at home! It also shows our Learning journey, so that you can continue your learning journey at home too.
This half terms theme is all about Relationships - and we will be thinking especially about the importance of working as a team - our special team is 'Team Hovingham' and together we are all working to 'make a difference.'
In our special whole school 'Together Time' we will be watching an amazing video about a very special team - Panyee Football Club.
Koh Panyee is a small village in Thailand that is entirely built on stilts over the water, that was created by the fishermen. In 1986, despite having no land or area to play football, they were determined to start their own football team and play the game. It is now one of the most successful youth soccer clubs in Southern Thailand, even though they have no grass in the village!

Here is the link to a short film about the club.

For our ART project for this term, every child and adult at Hovingham is going to have a copy of the lizard shape in Escher's tessellation - and will decorate it and put some positive motivation slogans on it. We will then create a huge team tessellation in the entrance hall - to remind us that 'Together everyone achieve more.'

Gruffalo and Purple Mash!

The class are really enjoying using Purple Mash and they have drawn pictures of the Gruffalo and written descriptions of him. We have also made some super clay models, which should be ready for painting next week.

Email from the Gruffalo

Great excitement! The Gruffalo has found our website and read the character descriptions above - now look at a copy of his email and the attachements he sent. The Gruffalo child has been learning about character writing and wrote a character description of a school child and we have the steps to success from the Gruffalo school too!  This link will take you to some spelling games with nouns and adjectives about the Gruffalo!
Have some fun too using all the words you know about the Gruffalo to create a Wordle or use and a jpeg of the Gruffalo to create a picture like this!
Gruffalo cloud

Relationships. 2010
As 2010 is the year of the World Cup being hosted by Africa we are going to use this opportunity to find out about the different countries that will be playing, and how all the teams work and play together in this spectacular sporting event.
In our Together Time when we think about the theme Relationships, we will consider how wonderful it is that the World Cup is being hosted by South Africa, a country that is come so far since the days of apartheid and continues to build positive relationships between the people living there and the rest of the world. We will learn about the life of Lucas Radebe, famous as a Leeds United Player and a South African footballer, who Nelson Mandela called his 'hero.'
Relationships are all about getting on with each other, considering and respecting everyone - and we will stive to work together at Hovingham - to help us keep making a difference.
"Leeds Metropolitan University & The Northern Film School Foundation presents a documentary by The Rainbow CollectiveTo celebrate the testimonial year of Lucas Radebe and his subsequent honorary doctorate from Leeds Metropolitan University, a crew followed the star back to his homeland of South Africa. After a decade building a unique reputation at Leeds United football club, Lucas now wishes to devote more of his time than ever before to helping and inspiring young people both in South Africa where he is hailed as a national hero and in Leeds where he has found a new and welcoming home. The Rainbow Collective crew observed Lucas as he visited Velebahleke Secondary School in Umlazi Township where he found echoes of his own childhood as well as a new generation of children with unprecedented opportunities in the new South Africa but a long is still go.."

Learning adventure for Summer 1. 2010.
 We all had such a great time last year when we found out all about the Gruffalo and the Gruffalo's child, and then ventured into the woods to find out all about the nocturnal animals living there, that much of the plan for this half term is similar to the Learning Adventure we enjoyed in 2009.
But there are some changes - this year we are going to visit Tropical world and Roundhay park earlier - so that we can see the bats and nocturnal animals there. We will begin to find out about the World Cup, and Lucas Radebe and we may even be able to visit Elland Road. 
There will be another Mathletics Gold Celebration to award more children who will achieve their Gold Certificates!
We're going to learn the song, 'We're all in this together!' from High School Musical, to remind us all about the importance of working together, helping and supporting each other. We're even going to have a go at learning the dance routine, and I'm hoping that some children will be able to dance, while the school sing along at our next 'Gold Celebration!' That would be so much fun and so exciting!
  summer 1 2010

We looked at the work of Escher and found out how Maths had inspired his art. We learned that a tessellation was a pattern that covered a surface with no gaps and no overlaps. First of all we worked in groups and used a template of the lizard shape which appears in lots of Escher's pictures. We quickly learned that if the shape was going to tessellate it needed to be cut out very, very carefully - or else we ended up with gaps! Once we had the pieces ready, it was a bit like doing a jig saw - we had to put it all together and check it carefully. We felt very proud of our achievements.
Having learned how to tessellate we learned how to make our own piece to use in a tessellation. We started with a square - added a bit on 1 side, cut that side and used it as a template to cut the exact shape away from the opposite side. Then we repeated this on the other 2 sides. Next we coloured the piece in and then we photocopied it lots of times! Escher make woodcuts... but we could use the copier! Then we had to carefully cut it all out and put it together.
We all really enjoyed making our tesselations - it wasn't easy, and we did have to be work hard at the cutting out and putting it together was quite tricky - but achieving the challenge has made us very proud of our pictures!

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As we start our last term in Year 2, our theme is 'Relationships.'
Last term when we read lots of Mr Men and Little Miss we discovered how in many of the stories the characters changed how the other characters felt and behaved. This term when we think about 'Relationships' we will consider how what we say and do has an effect on how our friends, family and those around us feel. We will work on making our relationships happy and caring.
Long term planner for 1st Half of the Summer term.
Summer 1 planner 
Ethos Statements for Summer 1. 2009.
April 20th - I realise what I do affects how others feel.
April 27th - I can share.
May 4th-     I can say how I feel.
May 11th -  I try to do things that make me feel proud of myself.
May 18th -  I can take care of the plants and animals in our world.

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