Year 2. Good to be me.

Good to be me. 2010.
The second half of the Spring Term is about to start and we have so many very exciting things planned!
Our theme for this half term is, "GOOD TO BE ME!"
Just look at the Long term planner and you will be know what I mean!
World Maths Day, World Book Day, St Davids Day, St Patricks Day, Mothers Day and of course the Mr Men!
  Good TO me be 2010
Dates for our diaries for this Spring 2. 2010
  • March 1st. St. David's Day. We find out about Wales and go on a pretend Coach trip to this beautiful country, and while we are there we will learn to sketch and paint their special flower, the daffodil.
  • March 3rd. World Maths Day. We love Maths at Hovingham and today we are going to be able to celebrate this special day by doing Maths all day! We will do some Mathletics online, and some of our special Mathletics where we exercise while doing Maths. We will play some great games, like Bingo, Snakes and Ladders, Dominoes, Connect 4 and Sudoku and then in the afternoon we will get Creative with our maths skills!
  • March 4th - Gold Mathletics Celebration - we are hoping to reach our Goal of 10 Gold Mathletic Certificates on this day! There will be a special Together Time to present these awards.
  • March 4th - World Book Day. We will have a really fun day with all the charcters we have met in lots of amazing stories.
  • March 14th - is Mothers Day - we won't be at school, but we will make sure that we all have time to create something special to show our Mums, Grannies, Aunties and big sisters how much we appreciate and love them.
  • March 17th - St Patrick's Day. We will pretend to fly to Ireland and we will find out about this special country. We will make some special lucky Shamrocks and have another go at Irish dancing - which I know we are all great at!
  • March 19th - is the beginning of Sport Relief - we will be getting fit this term! Weather permitting we will start Wake up Shake up again, and in PE we will begin to learn exercises that we can practise and will help to get us fit. We will also be learning about Healthy Eating, because that is very important if we are wanting to have a healthy lifestyle.
We will send home information about other special events - like 'The Mr Men Show!', which we will be putting on when we have written our own very special stories and made the charcters so that we can perform the stories for our families and friends.
Good to be me.
This second half of the Spring Term, we are going to think about the SEAL theme, 'Good to be me.'
  • We are learning to understand and talk about our feelings.
  • We are going to keep aiming for the goals we set in the last half of term, when we did 'Going for Goals.' 
  • We are going to learn what to do if we are worried.
  • We are going to think about what to do when we are anxious and learn ways of calming down.
  • We will feel proud of all the things we learn and the exciting things we do together. Spring 2 planner
Mr Men and Little Miss
We are really enjoying the Mr Men and Little Miss books. We have found out that Roger Hargreaves wrote Mr Tickle first in 1971 and then wrote lots of Mr Men and Little Miss stories. Now his son, Adam Hargreaves writes the stories, but he uses his father's name as an author.
We have the DVD of the books too, so we are also watching the stories.
We are going to write our own books and so we have invented our own new characters. First we designed our charcters, next we made a finger puppet of them, and today we made a paper pattern and cut out the felt shapes that we are going to sew to make our own soft toys of our characters.
In ICT we used revelation Art to draw pictures of the characters.
Here are the finger puppets we made. We cut the body shapes out of funky foam and used pipecleaners for the legs and arms. Mrs Fisher glued on fingers from rubber gloves at the back so that we can use them as finger puppets! Now we are having lots of fun with them!
09 finger puppets
Mr Men, characters and settings.
We have all worked so hard making our own soft toys of our own Mr Men characters and drawing settings for our stories. We have made some puppet theatres and have used our toys to act out the stories that we are going to write. When the books are written we can perform the stories for the children in Year 1 and video them for us all to watch.

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