In 2007 I began to blog with the pupils in my year 2 class, and now Blogging has become a really important part of both my learning and the learning experience of my pupils experience.

Click here for a link to a report I wrote about blogging for the Yorkshire and Humber Grid for Learning, who kindly set up my first blog and some later blogs for Hovingham Primary school.

2 Palm Blog - this is the blog which I originally started in 2009 with the pupils of 2 Red at Hovingham, and which was renamed in 2011, as my class became 2 Palm.

Mrs Fisher's Maths Blog - This Maths blog was originally started to record some of the work I was doing for my MAST at Sheffield Hallam. It has grown into a blog which I use to record my thoughts and learning about Primary Maths teaching - and also the use of Mathletics.

Farsley Farfield KS1 Blog - This is the blog set up for September 2012, when I joined the learning adventures at Farsley Farfield.


Links for information on blogging.
Ian Addison's article on blogging in Nasen Journal.
David Mitchell's Blog -lots of information on blogging.

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